How will this fee be billed?

The fee will be added to the monthly water and sewer utility bills as a separate line item.  Water and wastewater bills issued after October 1, 2018, will include the stormwater charges. The Stormwater Fee is not a tax, but a fee for service like the water and wastewater utility. Citizens will benefit from the Stormwater Fee through a better-maintained storm sewer system, increased control of local flooding, and improved surface water quality. Florida Statutes authorize the creation of this utility and the City enacted this charge by ordinance and resolution of the City Commission. The City and the County each provide water and sewer services within the City limits. Due to delays associated with starting billing services, the City billing began with a two months retroactive billing cycle and the County will begin billing in April 2019 with a seven-month retroactive billing cycle. All subsequent bills will be monthly.

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1. What is Stormwater?
2. What is meant by the “Stormwater System?”
3. Why are we being charged for Stormwater?
4. Will all properties have to pay the fee?
5. Why do I participate in the Stormwater Program if my subdivision is built-out and has an adequate storm sewer system already?
6. Are developers responsible for managing Stormwater on new development?
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8. How will this fee be billed?
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11. We maintain a private system and pay maintenance on surface water license to the County, why do we have to pay a separate City municipal Stormwater Fee?
12. What benefits are associated with a Stormwater utility?