What changes have taken place in our recycling program?

The City has suspended curbside collection of recyclables in the blue cart. You may use your blue cart for overflow garbage if it does not all fit in the brown cart. The blue cart will only be collected on your originally scheduled "recycling" day. Commercial businesses and multi-family communities with excessive and repetitive contamination identified through audits have also been removed from the city’s recycling collection programs.

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1. What is happening that is forcing cities to make changes to their recycling programs?
2. What changes have taken place in our recycling program?
3. What are the benefits? Is there a cost savings?
4. What should residents do with their blue recycling carts?
5. What if one garbage cart is not enough, can I use the blue one?
6. Is there a way I can have my recycling go to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) instead of a landfill?
7. Who can use the Drop-Off Center?
8. What can be dropped off?
9. What are the hours of operation and requirements for the Drop-Off Center??