Do I Need a Business Tax Receipt for a Home-Based Business?

All home-based businesses need a business tax receipt. However, a Certificate of Use is not required. Sec. 98-91 (a) of the City of Deerfield Beach Land Development Code States: 

Permitted home occupations operated in any dwelling unit may be operated only if they comply with all of the following conditions: 

Where permitted: Within a residential dwelling unit and only by the person or persons occupying that dwelling therein and no additional employees shall be permitted. Evidence of use: Storage of materials and/or equipment, signs and/or advertising displays, motor vehicles (other than the owner's noncommercial vehicles) or any other indication that said premises is being used commercially is hereby prohibited. Size: Does not exceed 20 percent of the total living area of the dwelling unit within which it is located. Permitted uses: Includes not more than one of the following uses, provided that such uses are clearly minor and secondary to the use of the dwelling unit for residential purposes.

  • Arts and crafts;
  • Custom dressmaker, tailor, seamstress or milliner;
  • Artist or musician;
  • Tutoring for not more than one student at a time;
  • Professional offices (excluding medical or dental) and other business offices (excluding any general business use which normally utilizes vehicular equipment in the normal course of operation, i.e., lawn and pool maintenance, towing service, carpet cleaning, building trades, etc.)
  • Family home day care (in compliance with F.S. Ch. 402.313)

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