Landscape Requirements

All Property Owner Requirements

  • Get tree removal permits
  • Maintain the existing landscape in a healthy and attractive manner
  • Remove and replace diseased or dead trees and plant material
  • Ensure that tree workers have a Broward County Tree Trimmer's License
  • Not commit tree abuse, which includes tree removal without permits and hat-racking

Do Not Plant

  • Trees under or near FPL overhead lines. Guidelines are available at the Landscape Division.
  • Trees with large nuts, messy berries/fruits/sap, or spines anywhere near the driveways or public sidewalks. For example Black Olive, Mahogany, Coconut Trees, or any fruiting trees or pine trees (sap).

Single-Family Property Requirements

Corner lots have special conditions. Refer to Section 98-80 of the Land Development Code for details).


  • For lot widths 100 ft. or less:
    3 trees and foundation planting (2 trees in front, 1 Canopy & 1 Flowering, 3rd may be Small)
  • For the widths 100 ft. or more:
    4 trees and foundation planting (3 trees in front, 1 Canopy & 1 Flowering, 4th may be Small)


  • Shade trees to be a min. 12ft. tall, 5ft. spread and 2 inches diameter. Trees shall be grade # 1 with a single, strong leader.
  • Flowering tree's size varies based on species.
  • Palms to have a min. 6 ft. gray wood (mature trunk); Palms may be substituted for trees; however, three palms (clustered together) equal 1 tree. Only one tree may be replaced with palms.
  • Approved tree list is available online or upon request.
  • Shrubs to be a minimum of 24 inches in height and 18 inches spread.

Tree Removal

  • A permit is required for any trees over 10 feet tall;
    Permit fee is waived for single-family homeowners, residing on their property.
  • Black Olive trees will be considered for approval for removal provided the property meets the minimum code requirement for trees. 

Sod, Mulch, Planting, Staking

  • St. Augustine sod and irrigation are required in the swale area or to the edge of the waterline (max 30 ft.) if the property abuts a water body.
  • Mulch, at 3 inches thick is required in beds and within 24 inches of trees, (keep mulch away from the trunk).
  • Permanent sod or approved low groundcover is required in all areas, not structure, walk, or driveway. This sod will require irrigation to survive; the groundcover will only need to be established. 


  • An automatic irrigation system is not required for single-family residential, however, it is highly recommended to keep your sod and other plantings alive.

Multi-Family, Commercial, and Industrial Requirements

Maintain your landscape site plan. If your landscape site plan says you have a certain number of trees in certain locations, you must maintain that. If you would like to make changes, a modified landscape site plan must be submitted to the City’s Development Review Committee. 

Inspections of landscape throughout the City are done on an ongoing basis, year-round.