Health & Social Services

The Health & Social Services Division “Where Life Happens” – Learning, Independence, Friendships, and Energy – provides supportive services and activities for individuals sixty years (60) old and older to improve their quality of life, promote independence, and encourage involvement in the community.  Services include improving independence, health support, counseling, recreation, nutrition, community engagement, and quality of life for seniors.  

The Alzheimer’s and Adult Day Care Center provides respite services for caregivers and specialized activities and programs for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other memory-related disorders.  Case management and weekly support groups assist caregivers with coping skills to decrease their caregiver burdens and stress.  The Adult Day Services Center and Multicultural Adult Day Services Program provide structured supportive services and activities for functionally impaired and frail adults.  These services maintain the family unit, provide caregiver respite, and delay premature institutionalization. 

The Health and Social Service Division is funded through a combination of federal and state-administered grants, fees for services, and fundraisers. Additionally, the Center for Active Aging receives financial support from the Department of Elder Affairs, Aging and Disability Resource Center, N.E. Focal Point CASA*, Inc. (Children’s, Alzheimer’s, Senior, and Adult Services), and the City of Deerfield Beach General Fund.