Environmental Services / Engineering

The Environmental Services Department (ES) provides technical engineering and utility support to implement upgrades and enhancements to our City’s infrastructure. This includes roadways, capital improvement projects, stormwater and drainage, wastewater, development projects, and many other responsibilities within the City.  ES is comprised of multiple divisions:

  • administration/engineering
  • water plant
  • utilities maintenance
  • wastewater services
  • street maintenance
  • construction & facilities

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Workshops & Meetings

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District 1 Virtual Meeting

January 28, 2021

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Chlorination Information


As part of our efforts to ensure that the drinking water we supply is the highest quality possible, the City of Deerfield Beach Environmental Services Department will begin its annual free chlorination treatment of the water distribution system on September 9, for about three weeks, through September 30, 2021. 

This switch to free chlorination treatment is a common practice for water systems using chloramines as a disinfectant. During the free chlorination, residents may notice a slight change in taste, odor, and tap watercolor. The water will remain safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and any other household use. During this period, our utility crews will also be flushing fire hydrants throughout the City. This may cause temporary water discoloration in the respective area. If this happens, please run the water at your faucets until the water clears. 

Residents undergoing dialysis or who have a compromised immune system and are currently undergoing treatment should seek advice from their primary physician to determine if their treatment needs to be adjusted during this free chlorination period. Also, grocery stores, pet stores, bait stores, restaurants, and residents with aquariums and fish or lobster tanks that use city water must adjust the chlorine treatment procedure during the free chlorination period. 

For additional information on this change in the water treatment process, please call the Water Plant at 954‐480‐4370. (update for 2021 to be posted when available)