Small Oval / Blennies


Sergeant Major /  Dusky / Cocoa / Beaugregory

Dusky Damselfish Young Juvenile

Stegastes adustus
DuskyDamsel young Juvenile - white with bright orange and a blue dot near tail

Dusky Damselfish Juvenile

Stegastes adustus
Dusky Damselfish Juvenile eating from the reef.  Beautifully colored fish with a black dot on its ba

Dusky Damselfish

Stegastes adustus (Daniel)
Dusky Damselfish Adult

Cocoa Damselfish Juvenile

Stegastes xanthurusCocoa Damselfish yellow bottom and blue on top.

Beaugregory Damselfish

Stegastes leucostictus
Yellowbelly Hamlet - small blue and yellow fish that is like a gradient across the fish starting at

Sergeant Major Juvenile

Abudefduf saxatilisMultiple little sergeant majors swiming in current next to piling

Sergeant Major

Abudefduf saxatilis
Sergeant Major - small fish with black and white stripes and a touch of yellow on top.

Male Sergeant Major

Abudefduf saxatilis (guarding eggs)
Night Sergeant - small fish with black stripes

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Seaweed / Barred / Hairy

"King Benny" Seaweed Blenny

Parablennius marmoreus
King Benny sticking his head out of a barnacle

Juvenile Seaweed Blenny?

Parablennius marmoreus
Blenny fish is protecting it's home located in a small coral on the piling.  It has a white belly

Barred Blenny

Hypleurochilus bermudensisBarred Blenny sitting in the growth of the piling

Feather or Juvenile Hairy Blenny?

Open for discussion.Feathered Blenny with a dark spot on front tip of dorsalFeather,  Florida, or juvenile hairy. Open for discussion.

Hairy Blenny

Labrisomus nuchipinnis (female)Downy Blenny, larger than a blenny, swimming down pylon.

Hairy Blenny - Male

Labrisomus nuchipinnis (Uncle Onslow)
Hairy Blenny on bottom of ocean floor with big eyes staring at you

Hairy Blenny

Labrisomus nuchipinnis (courting color)Hairy Blenny Courting Colors zebra stripes with red head