Invertebrate / Crustaceans


Crabs / Lobster / Shrimp / Barnacles / Sea Spiders / Copepod / Isopod

Spiny Lobster

Panulirus argus Spiny Lobster only the top part and head of body can be seen

Yellowline Arrow Crab

Stenorhynchus seticornisarrow crab on piling in daytime, looks like a spider

Decorator Crab

Majoidea Crab Coral - this crab has coral shoots growing from it and it completely camouflaged - until it mov

Decorator Crab (?)

Majoidea Decorator Crab at night in IR mode

?Box or Stone Crab?

Open for suggestions
Crab of sorts with thick pinchers walking across piling.

Hermit Crab

Paguroidea Hermit Crab walking on piling


(not sure of species) Crab walking across piling

Caribbean Sea Spider

Anoplodactulus sp.Caribbean-sea-spider - small sea spider crawling on piling. Blurry image can't make out details.

Nimble Spray Crab

Percnon gibbesiNimble Crab climbing on piling

Vermetid Snail

VermetidaeVermetid snail - looks like a tube worm spitting out a web


Not sure (Nickname: Gene)Barnacle sticking feathery feeder out


 Crustacea (red spots)
Copepod attached to barracuda face


Cymothoidae Isopod is a crustacean that is a parasite of fish. This isopod is seen here attached to a blue tang.


Unsure of speciesTiny shrimp on camera wiper out of focus


Unsure of speciesTiny transparent shrimp on wiper

Unidentified Crab

Unsure of speciesConical shelled crab crawling on wiper

Unidentified Snail

Unsure of speciesSmall dark shelled snail hiding on wiper



Octopus / Squid


Cephalopods class Pict of a small octopus scaling up the pylon and camouflaging itself to match the red and white cora


Lolliguncula brevis Two squid sycronized swimming



Jellyfish / Hydroid / Comb Jellies / Anemones

Moon Jellyfish

Aurelia aurita Moon-Jelly floating with filefish poking it

Unknown Jellyfish

Stinging Cauliflower or CannonballOrangish/tan jelly floating around seaweed debris.

Unknown Jellyfish

Need help identifying manowar floating down the pylon

Hydroid (growth on lens)

Cnidarian classHydroid growth covering the camera dome

Comb Jelly

Ctenophora Jelly fish are hard to see because they are transparent, however a dark piling is in the background

Spotwing Comb Jelly

Ocyropsis maculata (notice black dots) Spotwing Jelly swimming towards camera

Unknown Jellyfish

Possibly a Sea NettleUnidentified jelly that is translucent with long tentacles.



Fireworm / Feather Duster


Hermodice carunculataFireworm crawling on piling during the day

Feather Duster

Unsure of speciesOut of fucus and hidden on wiper is a small tube like with a feather fan slightly fanning out


Sea Slugs

Sea Hare / Nudibranch / Slug

Atlantic Black Sea Hare

Aplysia morioBlack sea hare that looks similar to a slug with wings

Sea Slug or Nudibranch?

No clueSea slug of sorts at night in low light crawling on the dome



Sea Urchins / Sea Stars

West Indian Sea Egg or Sea Urchin

Tripneustes ventricosus sea urchin on dirty camera being removed by wiper

Sea Urchin (Slate-Pencil?)

Family: CidaridasSea Urchin with pencil thick spikes