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Photographer Ben Hicks

South Florida-based photographer Ben Hicks has journeyed across the Americas and ventured to exotic locales spanning the globe to compose a profoundly diverse collection of fine art photography that truly captures the majestic beauty of the natural world. One of his favorite landscapes is Deerfield Beach, Florida. The photos below are images he took for the City website.

This self-proclaimed “adventure boy” not only strives to portray the familiar in extraordinarily original ways but also takes big risks to capture the most complex often dangerous situations, including big waves and precarious animal encounters. He does this because it is his desire to share his admiration for mother nature's creations.

Whether shooting tropical beachscapes in the South Pacific vast sandstone buttes in the American southwest or the first few open water strides of a leatherback sea turtle hatchlings there is no doubt that Hicks’ photography renders intricately detailed images that captivate viewers and serve as a testament to his enjoyment and appreciation of nature.

Arboretum foliage around a walking trail, by Ben Hicks

Old school house exterior with lens flare from sun, by Ben Hicks

Exterior of the Butler House, by Ben Hicks

Crystal clear blue wave rolling in foreground with pier and sunrise in background, by Ben Hicks

Sunrise next to the pier with two beach chairs in foreground, by Ben Hicks

Sunrise at the beach with pier during Hurricane Sandy, supplied be Ben Hicks

Paddle board competition at the beach, supplied by Ben Hicks

Underwater sea turtle and free diver swimming, supplied by Ben Hicks

Under the pier of lookdown fish, supplied by Ben Hicks

Underwater sea turtle with sunlight sparkling in water, supplied by Ben Hicks

Surfer riding wave near pier, supplied by Ben Hicks

Wake boarder getting air at the Ski Rixen, supplied by Ben Hicks

Aerial shot of water tower with sunset in background