Diving Information

Come and satisfy your urge to submerge!

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, our waters remain warm year-round, it's total immersion for 12 months a year. Ocean temperature ranges from 72 degrees in the winter to 80 degrees in the summer. Over the past 20 years, the artificial reef programs of Broward County have placed upwards of 76 artificial reefs on the ocean floor as magnets for fish and reef life. Today, Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to the largest collection of warm-water wrecks in the Western world.

Download Deerfield Beach's map of dive sites here.

rapa nui underwater

scuba diver on ocean floor next to a rapa nui head

Deerfield Beach Dive Sites

Pennel's Reef

Reef Material: Metal Dredge Pontoon
Latitude: 26.319667
Longitude: -80.068
Depth: 30 feet

Noula Express

Reef Material: Vessel Metal
Latitude: 26.3213
Longitude: -80.057467
Depth: 114 feet

Miracle of Life

Reef Material: Vessel Steel
Latitude: 26.31962
Longitude: -80.05055
Depth: 167 feet

Mt. Deerfield

Reef Material: 500 tons rock
Latitude: 26.317378
Longitude: -80.06253
Depth: 65 feet

Mt. Deerfield II

Reef Material: 510 tons rock
Latitude: 26.31775
Longitude: -80.062
Depth: 67 feet

Rapa Nui

Reef Material: Artwork on a barge
Latitude: 26.376783
Longitude: -80.06235
Depth: 70 feet

Old Deerfield Pier Piece

Reef Material: Concrete
Latitude: 26.315535
Longitude: -80.062598
Depth: 67 feet

Ancient Mariner

Reef Material: 165' Vessel
Latitude: 26.302
Longitude: -80.062417
Depth: 70 feet

Angel Reef/Separated Rocks

Reef Material: Rocks with 2 angel statues
Latitude: 26.31483
Longitude: -80.06637
Depth: 35' to 50'

Barefoot Mailman

Reef Material: Statue
Latitude: 26.31278
Longitude: -80.06645
Depth:  45' to 50'

scuba diver on rocks

Underwater rocks with fish

Other Local Dive Sites 


Reef Material: 40' steel boat
Latitude: 26.30167846
Longitude: -80.06156404


Reef Material: 50' steel boat
Latitude: 26.3014618
Longitude: -80.06139737
Depth: 70 feet

Berry Patch

Reef Material: 65' Tugboat
Latitude: 26.30137846
Longitude: -80.06171404
Depth: 65 feet

Qualman Barge

Reef Material: Steel barge
Latitude: 26.2996118
Longitude: -80.06181404
Depth: 69 feet

Sea Emperor

Reef Material: 171' Barge
Latitude: 26.32227846
Longitude: -80.0591307
Depth: 65 feet

Tycom Mitigative Reef

Reef Material: 425 tons rock
Latitude: 26.32183712
Longitude: -80.05894337
Depth: 70 feet

Tycom Mitigative Reed (2)

Reef Material: 375 tons rock
Latitude: 26.32147212
Longitude: -80.05901137
Depth: 70 feet

United Caribbean

Reef Material: 140' freighter
Latitude: 26.32112846
Longitude: -80.0589807
Depth: 70 feet

Boca Raton Reef #1

Reef Material: 19 concrete erojacks
Latitude: 26.32249512
Longitude: -80.0558307
Depth: 60 feet

MV Miss Lourdies

Reef Material: 165' steel ship
Latitude: 26.31979513
Longitude: -80.05332737
Depth: 140 feet