CRA Programs

CRA currently has two active programs, Commercial Facade Grant Program and the Got Art? Program.

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Commercial Facade Grant Program

The CRA Commercial Façade Program is available to any commercially zoned property in the CRA.  The program reimburses 50% of funds spent on upgrades to a property including paint, windows and doors, signage, roofs, landscaping, and lighting.  Funds are available on a first-come-first-served basis and CRA staff are available to assist business owners in completing the application.  The maximum funding available is $100,000.  

Download the application here. Examples of previous recipients are below.

Before: Antilla Plaza

Antilla Plaza-Before

After: Antilla Plazza

Antilla Plaza-After

Before: 1300 E. Hillsboro

1300 hillsboro before

After: 1300 E. Hillsboro

1300 Hillsboro after

Before: Flannigans/Whale's Rib

Flanigans and whales rib

After: Flannigans/Whale's Rib

flanigans after

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Got Art? Program

“Got Art?” Is the Public Art branch of the CRA; where the main focus is to recognize opportunities for public art to bond, build and bridge the community. The Public Art Committee (PAC) drives the program through Call to Artist development & management, artist selection, and project development within the District.

Current programs under the “Got Art?” are:

  1. The “Got Art?” Gallery
    • Local Artists submit high-definition photos of hangable wall art to be reviewed and potentially selected to show in the gallery. Showings are on a 2-month rotation and all art is for sale. The goal of the gallery is to highlight local artists and potentially increase artist sales. The Gallery is now virtual in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  2. “Got Art?” Windows
    • This program was developed in response to the COIVD-19 Pandemic, and the need for more positivity. Artists are selected to install temporary window installations at the CRA Offices. This is a quarterly installation with creative visuals and inspiring messaging.
  3. CRA Projects
    • Focusing on the aesthetic enhancement a public art installation could bring to a project, the CRA seeks to incorporate public art in Capital projects where feasible.  This is the main role of the Public Art Committee.

The pieces included in the gallery were submitted by local artists (Broward County).  The art displayed below is available for purchase. For more information, please contact us at 954-495-5430.

Catherine McKeever
“Dynamic Horizon”

Catherine McKeever “Dynamic Horizon”

Catherine McKeever
"Strike Force"

Catherine McKeever “Strike Force”

Mark Lewkowicz
"Turtle Eating Jellyfish"

Mark Lewkowicz “Turtle Eating Jellyfish”

Gabriela Gamperl
"Colorful Elephants"

Gabriela Gamperl “Colorful Elephants”

Cesca Veo
"Fractal Dimensional"

Cesca Veo “Fractal Dimensional”

Cesca Veo
"Fractal New Space"

Cesca Veo “Fractal New Space”

Paloma Rodrigues

Paloma Rodrigues “Portrait”