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Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6:45 P.M.


The meeting was called to order by Chair Capellini at 6:50 p.m. on the above date in the City Commission Chambers, City Hall.


Roll Call


            Present:                                  Mr. Steve Gonot

                                                            Ms. Pam Militello

                                                            Mr. Marty Popelsky

                                                            Vice Chair Sylvia Poitier

                                                            Chair Albert R. Capellini, P.E.


            Also Present:                         Michael Mahaney, City Manager

                                                            Charles Seaman, Assistant City Attorney

                                                            Ada Graham-Johnson, CMC, City Clerk



Approval of the agenda                                        tape 1, count 025


June 17, 2008


MOTION was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Vice Chair Poitier to approve the agenda as submitted.


Voice Vote:  YEAS:  Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini. NAYS:  None.


Approval of minutes                                                            tape 1, count 030


May 20, 2008


MOTION was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Vice Chair Poitier to approve the May 20, 2008 minutes as submitted.


Voice Vote:  YEAS:  Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini. NAYS:  None.


General Items                                                              


ITEM 1                                                           tape 1, count 037


Update on A1A “S” Curve Project


Charles DaBrusco, Assistant Director of Public Works and Environmental Services, provided an update on the A1A “S” Curve Project.  He commented on initial construction, which began in May, as well as issues with existing services.  He said the biggest issue was the sewers being 13 or 14 feet deep; laterals being 10 feet deep.  He explained the importance of maintaining the laterals at 4 feet.  He stressed the importance of making sure the public and business owners can continue to operate and explained the steps that had been taken to rectify the issues.  Further, Mr. DaBrusco referenced photos concerning 12” and 6” mains heading toward 20th Avenue. 


Continuing, Mr. DaBrusco stated that closing off the roadway section of 20th Avenue has reduced cut through traffic, as it is being used for storage of materials and equipment.  He explained the procedures that are being utilized in order to boost pressure in the general vicinity.  He said there was a 12” main installed, but there was no tie in to the existing 6” main heading toward the pier.  To successfully complete the tie in, the water had to be shut off. Due to operating businesses and homeowner usage, the water was shut off at 3:00 a.m. and was completed by 5:00 a.m.  The last photo shows the sheet piling installation.  He explained that there were initial issues with traffic patterns, because people were not use to them; however, the signs have been modified which has assisted in resolving the issues.   Mr. DaBrusco stated that striping will be modified as to not interfere with the businesses.  Lastly, Mr. DaBrusco stated that there was a request for payment, but was rejected; as of now, there is no request for payment.  Nevertheless, he believes the project will be completed on time.


Thereafter Mr. DaBrusco entertained questions by the Commission. 


ITEM 2                                                           tape 1, COUNT 203


Resolution 2008/003 - A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of the Community Redevelopment Agency to Approve Work Authorization #21 for Construction Administration Services Related to the Hillsboro Boulevard Improvements Project to Keith and Associates, Inc.(Project No. 11015-P).


Charles DaBrusco, Assistant Director of Public Works and Environmental Services, explained the purpose of the Resolution, to approve a work authorization for Hillsboro Boulevard.  He said that the project is 14 months at a total expenditure of $7 million.   He stated that since it is a large project, it will require much inspection time.  He stated that the City does not have the staff to perform complete construction administration services.


MOTION was made by Vice Chair Poitier and seconded by Ms. Militello to adopt Resolution 2008/003, approving Keith & Associates to act as project manager on the Hillsboro Boulevard project.


Voice Vote:  YEAS:  Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini. NAYS:  None.


In response to Ms. Militello’s question, Mr. DaBrusco replied that the start date is July 7, 2008.  There will be a preconstruction conference the week before.


Ms. Militello asked how the residents and businesses would be informed.


Mr. DaBrusco replied that the same communication used for the A1A Streetscape Project will be used.  He further advised that there will be a meeting for the residents, most likely a day after the preconstruction meeting, because construction schedules and other information will be needed to present to the residents.  Also, with regard to the sheet pilings on the S-curve, the piling will not come up during the 4th of July event but will remain the same; one-way traffic. 


Mr. Gonot said that the City received a letter from Alcade & Fay regarding the transportation bill up for reauthorization in 2009.  He stated that it is important that A1A is part of the transportation bill.  He asked Mr. DaBrusco if he planned on contacting the City’s lobbyist in Washington.


Mr. DaBrusco replied no.  He said that the PD&E Study must be done, as FDOT must approve the process of performing the PD&E Study for A1A.


Mr. Gonot said that they are working on the PD&E; however, if the City wants design or construction dollars, he hopes that it can be addressed.  Further, he asked the City Manager who would handle the issue of obtaining future Federal funds for the A1A project.


Chair Capellini recommended that the City make connection with the City’s lobbyist Alcade and Fay in Washington.


Mr. Gonot stated that this is a CRA issue and not City related.  He stated that with the CRA and City being two (2) separate entities, the resources should be kept separate.  He said it is not appropriate to have City Staff working on the project.   


Michael Mahaney, City Manager, said that Mr. DaBrusco’s time would be charged to the CRA.  Further, he stated that the PD&E Study is a three (3) year process and communication can begin with Alcade and Fay, but it is very far down the line.


Ms. Militello said that there is no certainty as to what the Board will decide.


Mr. Gonot said that the reissuing of the transportation bill is every six (6) years and is due in 2009.  He said the next opportunity would not be until 2015 and it would not be prudent to wait until that time; thus, it is necessary to have something in place for 2009.  He reiterated that it is necessary to have the dollars in place; nonetheless, there does not have to be a set plan. 


Vice Chair Poitier said that the two entities must be kept separate.  She asked if the City is allowed to have the Washington lobbyist work on the project.


Mr. Gonot replied yes, the lobbyist can assist.  He explained that the TIF Funds that fund CRA cannot be used to fund operations.  It is a bookkeeping issue and they must remain separate.  He stated that with Mr. DaBrusco working on the project, it can become an administrative headache. 


Vice Chair Poitier stated that during her last communiqué with Alcade & Fay, they asked that she submit items to work on.


Chair Capellini explained that Mr. Gonot’s concern is that the bookkeeping be kept separate, to keep track of where the money is being used. 


Vice Chair Poitier stated that she wants to make sure the Alcade & Fay is assisting on projects for the City. 


Chair Capellini said that we must make sure the services are billed to the CRA.


Board/Administration Comments


No Reports.




There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m.