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Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

6:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by Vice Chair Militello on the above

date in the City Commission Chambers, City Hall.


Roll Call:


PRESENT:                Mr. Steve Gonot

                                    Ms. Sylvia Poitier 

                                    Mr. Marty Popelsky

                                    Vice Chair Pam Militello

                                    Chair Albert Capellini – absent


ALSO PRESENT:     Carlos Baia, CRA Director

                                    Ada Graham-Johnson, Acting City Manager

                                    Samantha L. Gillyard, Acting City Clerk





September 19, 2006


MOTION was made Mr. Gonot and Seconded by Mr. Popelsky to approve the minutes of September 19, 2006.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, and Vice Chair Militello.  NAYS: None.




August 15, 2006


MOTION was made by Mr. Gonot and Seconded Ms. Poitier to approve the CRA minutes of August 15, 2006.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, and Vice Chair Militello. NAYS: None.




ITEM 1                                   TAPE 1, COUNT 32


                        RESOLUTION 2006/008 - PROPOSED FISCAL YEAR 2007 BUDGET


Carlos Baia, Economic Development Manager, provided a budget overview for Fiscal Year 2006/2007 for the Community Redevelopment Agency.  He stated that anticipated revenues are $2,438.942.00; expenditures include personal services, $84,500.00, operating expenditures $1,074,379.00, non-operating expenditures $690,609.00, and contingency $589,454.00.  He stated that contingency is 25% of the total budget. Further, this budget does not require any additional staffing positions and status quo with most line items are being maintained.  The only increase was the Commercial Façade Program.


MOTION was made by Mr. Gonot and Seconded by Mr. Popelsky to close the public hearing.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, and Vice Chair Militello.  NAYS: None.


Commissioner Popelsky asked if Mr. Baia was comfortable with current handling and staffing of the Community Redevelopment Agency.


Mr. Baia replied yes.


MOTION was made by Mr. Gonot and Seconded by Mr. Popelsky to adopt Resolution 2006/008.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, and Vice Chair Militello.  NAYS: None.




ITEM 2                                   Tape 1, COUNT 84




Carlos Baia, Economic Development Manager, stated that John DePalma, McMahon Associates, is in attendance to provide feedback on the Master Plan of Phase 3 S-Curve.  He stated that public workshops will be utilized in the near future as part contractual obligation.


John DePalma stated that he has been working with Staff over the past several months, consolidating material, maps, and concepts that were visualized in the 2004 Beach Area Comprehensive Plan completed for the City.  He stated that discussions had taken place with many of the businesses in the area and they are supportive of the current plan.  He stated that various scenarios were featured, which included streetscape renderings for pedestrians and motorists.


Continuing, Mr. DePalma stated that there was a prior incremental plan called Phase 2, which was a portion of NE 2nd Street on the north side, from the vicinity of Sonny’s Pizzeria eastward to Whale’s Rib.  As a result of additional research, Mr. DePalma stated that portions of Phase 2 would be modified.  He stated that there are plans to have public workshops in October, for public comments and feedback.  A report will be provided to the City, synthesizing those comments.  Another workshop would then be held in December, and contract obligation is to complete the master conceptual plan by February 2007.

Vice Chair Militello asked if discussions were held with various business owners to address the concerns of increasing the size of the sidewalk and reducing parking, with use of the trolley system.


Mr. DePalma replied that graphics were presented to Mr. Baia.  However, he did not pursue the business owners again, as there are additional issues that have to be discussed.  He stated that he has not received 100% feedback, but will most likely rollout concepts obtained from those businesses in the October public workshop.  He stated that various business owners felt that there could be a modification to the parking at the rear of the businesses.  He stated that ideas have been discussed and were explained in the notes that were collected over the two (2) day period.


Vice Chair Militello stated that there are varying interests in Phase 2, and suggested holding off until determining exactly what will be done.


Mr. DePalma stated that he has discussed options with the Staff to delay a portion of Phase 2, and begin where construction would be feasible.  He stated that compromising the length would provide a good product on Phase 2 change and satisfy pedestrian crossing.  Further, he stated that at the intersection of 2nd Street and the S-curve, a small return would be complete in order to identify the pedestrian crossing, and then complete the northwest quadrant, from 20th to Sonny’s.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM