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Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

6:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Vice Chair Gonot on the above

date in the City Commission Chambers, City Hall.


Roll Call:


Present:                            Mr. Steve Gonot 

                                          Ms. Sylvia Poitier

                                          Mr. Martin Popelsky

                                          Vice Chair Pam Militello

                                          Chair Albert R. Capellini, P.E.



Also Present:                   Larry Deetjen, City Manager

                                          Andrew Maurodis, City Attorney

                                          Ada Graham-Johnson, CMC, City Clerk

                                          Carlos Baia, Economic Development




April 18, 2006


MOTION was made by Mr. Gonot and Seconded by Vice Chair Militello to approve the agenda of April 18, 2006 as submitted. Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Militello, and Chair Capellini. NAYS: None.




March 21, 2006


MOTION was made by Mr. Gonot and Seconded by Vice Chair Militello to approve the minutes of March 21, 2006 as submitted. Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Militello, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS: None. 











                                    Item 1                                     Tape 1, Count 033


CRA RESOLUTION 2006/006 – A Resolution of the City of Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, authorizing the approval of an agreement for Phase III “S-Curve” (SR A1A) street improvements with McMahon Associates, Inc.


Carlos Baia, CRA Director, stated that McMahon Associates have completed a proposal for the master plan for the SR A1A corridor, not currently improved.  He stated that the Board authorized staff to pursue the Phase 3 improvements. The current proposal includes components for public workshops, an allowance for meetings with various agencies, such as FDOT and the County, as well as the data analysis required to move forward. 


Continuing, Mr. Baia stated that the master plan was utilized because there are various factors that need to be addressed in a detailed manner.  Further, he stated that funds for this project have been budgeted.


Vice Chair Militello stated that there are currently 54 parking spaces on the S-Curve and 20 to 30 of those might be lost.  She stated that she is concerned about the impact on the businesses, and would like to address what options are available to minimize the loss of parking spaces.  Moreover, she stated that it would be a good idea to speak with the business owners to receive input on what they are interested in.


In response to Mr. Gonot’s question, Mr. DePalma replied that commencement is proposed for March 22nd; an initial period for a base plan development through May; drafting of a conceptual plan through August.  He stated at that time, public comment would be received.  In 2004, when the plan was adopted, he stated it was their intention to make the east/west segment of A1A, NE 2nd Street, a more pedestrian friendly corridor.  This is contrary to making it compatible for vehicle parking, so the needs of all must be balanced. 


Additionally, Mr. DePalma stated that there is a proposal for two (2) public workshops in October and December.  A final decision would be met by mid January or February 2007, at the latest.


In response to Mr. Popelsky’s question, Mr. Baia replied that funds are allocated from this year and he would work on getting the funds carried over.


Vice Chair Militello asked if it is possible to have conversations with the business owners now versus during the latter months.


Mr. DePalma replied yes.  He further stated that it was proposed to meet with business owners either collectively or individually.


MOTION was made by Vice Chair Militello and Seconded by Mr. Gonot to approve the proposal by McMahon Associates for the Master Plan of the SR A1A S-Curve Improvements – Phase 3.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, and Vice Chair Militello.  NAYS: None.


Chair Capellini abstained from voting.  He stated that he sub-leases property with McMahon Associates.


Ms. Poitier asked if carrying the budget funds over to the next fiscal year should be included in the Motion.


Mr. Baia replied that using a purchase order in the past to carry over funds has been adequate.


Ms. Poitier further stated that she wanted to ensure that funds for this project are not budgeted for Fiscal Year 2007.


                                    Item 2                                                 Tape 1, Count 277


            North Boardwalk Extension


Carlos Baia, CRA Director, stated that there was a bid opening for north boardwalk extension on April 10.  Bids were submitted by Welling Construction for $295,855.00, and Weekley Asphalt for $329,856.55; both bids were over the engineering estimate.  He stated that there was a substantial amount of money in their MOT, which raised red flags.  Moreover, Staff is recommending that this bid be rejected.


Chair Capellini asked that Mr. Baia explain what the MOT is.


Mr. Baia stated that Welling Construction had an excess of $100,000.00 in their maintenance of traffic item.  The MOT alone is nearly the project budget. 


Additionally, Mr. Baia stated that there were concerns with pedestrian traffic.  He stated that there would be an impact on NE 2nd Street from the A1A S-Curve to the pier segment.  Moreover, he stated that there are ways to address this issue and it would not be wise to accept the bid.


Discussion between Mr. Baia and Mr. Popelsky pursued regarding the difference between the bids.


Larry Deetjen, City Manager, stated that there is spiking due to the hurricanes and construction demands.  There will be bids that need to be rejected and readvertisements would be necessary.


MOTION was made by Ms. Poitier and Seconded by Mr. Gonot to reject the bid and readvertise.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Militello, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS: None.


                                    Item 3                                                 Tape 1, Count 386


            Hillsboro Boulevard Streetscape


Carlos Baia, CRA Director, stated that the Board approved a Resolution and an engineering deposit for FP&L to move forward.  Unfortunately, the 15th Avenue easement is not feasible.  Because the City is starting out in a public right-of-way, there are many conflicts with underground utilities, specifically water lines, which make it impossible to find the proper location in this vicinity. 


Continuing, Mr. Baia stated that Keith and Associates has located another location, on the north side of Hillsboro Boulevard, which is owned by the Hillsboro Cove Condominium.  If the Board pleases, staff will approach them once again to acquire this particular easement.  The transformer that was supposed to be at the same location on 15th Avenue will be on the south side; therefore, the existing easement will have to be enlarged. 


Additionally, Mr. Baia stated that the additional easement, located on the east side of the Intercoastal, had a lien on the property; however, it is being addressed by the City Attorney and he hopes to have it resolved by May 2, 2006.


Ms. Poitier asked what changes would occur due to moving the project to the northside.


Mr. Baia replied that a portion of a hedge would have to be removed, a cement pad will be laid, and the switch cabinet (an 8X8 green box) will be added.


                                    Item 4                                                 Tape 1, Count 467


            Café Luna Rosa Façade Improvement


Carlos Baia, CRA Director, stated that Café Luna Rosa was approved for $20,000 in façade funding; however, documentation has not yet been received from Luna Rosa.  The attorney representing Howard Johnson’s has asked that the lien be placed on the beach sand parcel, located in front of the hotel.  It was explained that financing would not allow a lien to be placed on the property.  Moreover, he stated that neither staff or the City Attorney has any concerns with this provision; however, it is up to the Board to authorize this proposal.

In response to Ms. Poitier’s question, Mr. Baia replied that the program is a deferred payment loan, Luna Rosa would have to maintain the property and improvement for five (5) years, and keep the property under their ownership.  If they did not adhere, a prorated amount of the loan principal would have to be paid back; however, after five (5) years, it becomes a grant.


Ms. Poitier asked why it would benefit the City to place a lien on the beach sand parcel.


Mr. Gonot replied that the City has more interest in the sand, as it could be utilized for public access.


Andrew Maurodis, City Attorney, stated that it would also allow the City to include security, which would be consistent with other businesses.


MOTION was made by Mr. Gonot and Seconded by Vice Chair Militello to accept staff recommendation and place a lien on the beach sand parcel.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Militello, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS: None.




There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.