Streets Maintenance

Our Street Maintenance Division responds quickly to the repair of a city street requiring asphalt overlay of no more than 700 to 1,000 feet. An asphalt repair larger than 1,000 feet is contracted out through the Environmental Services Department.
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) maintains large repair projects and the main city thoroughfares such as Hillsboro Boulevard, 10th Street, Powerline Road and Federal Highway. However, the Streets Division maintains all City parking lots. 

Streets Maintenance Contact Information  
Traffic light maintenance - maintained by Broward County  (954) 847-2600
Potholes, street signs, and debris in roadway  (954) 480-4270
Storm drain concerns (954) 480-4270
Street sweeping concerns (954) 480-4270
Illegal dumping in storm drains (954) 519-1499
Street light repairs (954) 480-4385

Report any issues via email.

Storm Drains

Storm drains are used to control stormwater runoff only. Stormwater runoff is water from the rain which flows from the streets, lawns and rooftops over the ground or pavement without soaking into the ground. Water entering the storm drains does not go through a sewage treatment plant, but flows directly into nearby waterways without treatment. Therefore, nothing should ever be placed or allowed to enter a storm drain expect rain water.

By keeping our storm drains clear of debris and garbage we provide a safe and healthy environment for the plants and animals that depend on clean water for survival.

Report illegal dumping of chemicals or debris directly into storm drains to Broward County's Environmental Response hot line at (954) 519-1499.

Any issues regarding storm drain maintenance or clogs contact (954) 480-4270.

For updated information regarding storm drain responsibility visit Broward County.  

Storm Preparation

Prior to storms, a crews clean the grates and aprons to insure good drainage during a storm. However, when storm drains are backed up and require flushing, the Street Maintenance team services them. After heavy rainfalls, City crew works feverishly to keep the roads as clear of water as possible.

Due to the older drain infrastructure, it's very difficult to clear the streets quickly. The City is also responsible for meeting the guidelines for the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). The need to keep our water source clean and free of contamination is recognized on a national level. Recently the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) created guidelines that municipalities, such as Deerfield Beach, must meet in order to keep our storm drains and other water control systems free of pollution.

For more information on NPDES guideline click here

A Sweeping Success

The street sweeper cleans all gutters and gutter swale areas, as well as sweeping the streets, to prevent debris from entering into the storm drains. The only time the sweeper does not run is during bad storm conditions and rainy weather. If you do have the opportunity to see the sweeper in action, don't be confused. Yes, you really are seeing the driver of the sweeper on the wrong side of the vehicle. The sweeper can be driven on both the left and right side of the vehicle, which adds to its efficiency. The Street Sweeper operates during hours of the day and evening when residents are disturbed the least.

Residential Sweeping: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. twice per month
Commercial Sweeping: Midnight to 8 a.m. once or twice per week 
Medians & Curbs: 3 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. once or twice per week 

If you have any concerns regarding street sweeping, please contact (954) 480-4270 or via email.