Got Art?

Welcome to the June 2020 Virtual "Got Art" Gallery

​ The pieces included in the gallery were submitted by local artists (Deerfield Beach -Ft. Lauderdale).  Art displayed below is available for purchase. For more information, please contact the CRA at 954-495-5430.

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Virtual "Got Art" Gallery

drawing of the beach berm, blue sky and palm trees
sketch of a knight in armor
orange and pink flowers
keep moving text in retro graphics
paitning of a blue koala and baby blue koala
painting of a mermaid
photo of winding stairwell in lighthouse
image of a barbed wire heart
painting of a turtle
Painting of a zebra

Virtual"Got Art" Gallery

Fireworks taken at night on beach
Ink Spot photograph of day break over ocean
painting of a beach berm with chairs
Photo of a sunflower