Cleaner Greener Deerfield Beach

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The City of Deerfield Beach is dedicated to keeping the City clean and pristine. Through a variety of projects and implementations, we are successfully taking on the challenge of keeping our City as clean and green as possible.

Litter-Free Deerfield Beach

Beach litter has become a major concern for the health of the oceans and the overall beauty of our community. In partnership with JM Family Enterprises, Inc., we have created the Litter-Free Deerfield Beach program to tackle this issue through citizen action.

Through this program, cleanup kits would be stationed at the Pier Bait Shop available for check-out by beach visitors. A cleanup kit would include a 2-gallon bucket for litter, gloves, and a sifter for small things in the sand. Participants can use the buckets to collect litter on and around the beach during their visit, then return them to the Pier Bait Shop when finished. Each bucket will be weighed upon return to track the impacts of the program. Participation will also be tracked, and first timers will receive a cool sticker. Returning participants will receive a t-shirt after their 4th visit.

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The City provides civic-minded groups with the opportunity to demonstrate their community support by adopting a section of roadway within the City of Deerfield Beach.  The group commits to removing litter from the section at least four times per year for two years and, in exchange, the City will post signs with the name of the group at either end of the section.  The City provides all needed supplies and will even pick up the bags of litter collected.

Everything you need to know about the Adopt-A-Road project can be found in this information packet. Please direct any questions to the Department of Sustainable Management here.

See the table below for the streets that are currently available for adoption.

Street Available From To
Natura Boulevard Hillsboro Boulevard SW 10th Street
Deerfield Avenue Hillsboro Boulevard NE 7th Court
SW 2nd Street SW 3rd Ave Dixie Highway
SW 2nd Court Dixie Highway SW 3rd Ave

Beach Sweep Volunteering

The City of Deerfield Beach Department of Sustainable Management is always looking for volunteers to help out! If you're passionate about going green (or you just need community service hours), sign up below, and we'll keep you updated on all the opportunities we have to offer!

Want to host your own beach cleanup? The City of Deerfield Beach is happy to assist you by providing materials to groups interested in hosting a cleanup. All the City requests is for groups to return any unused supplies and to provide basic data on the cleanup through a provided form. To sponsor your own cleanup, contact the Department of Sustainable Management here.

Interested in joining us as a volunteer? Fill out the form below. 


Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. While composting may seem mysterious or complicated, it’s a very simple and natural process that continuously occurs in nature, often without any assistance from mankind. Composting is an environmentally responsible action that diverts kitchen and yard waste from the landfill and is great for your garden. For more information on composting, check out this flyer.

Earth Machine compost bins are available for sale at Central City Campus for $50. For information on how to purchase a compost bin, call (954) 480-4391. 

Compressed Natural Gas Garbage & Recycling Trucks

The City of Deerfield Beach Recycling & Solid Waste Management fleet is designed to focus on efficiency in all ways. 
  • The automated collection allows the employees to stay in the trucks, reducing opportunity for work-related injuries and increasing route efficiency. This reduces overhead cost, which reflects in customer pricing. 
  • The carts are outfitted with special Radio Frequency ID tags (RFIDs) which will be scanned by readers on the new collection vehicles to collect data to help the City enhance services and reward residents for recycling.   
  • The City’s trucks are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to exhaust air that is cleaner than what the truck takes in. This reduces our impact on the environment. The trucks are also cheaper to maintain.
In the end, the service routes are fastermaintenance is cheaper, and poisonous emissions are lower.

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